Welcome to Spidel Burnfin!

We’re an established, boutique executive search firm that works exclusively in the wealth management arena.

At Spidel Burnfin, we believe that developing relationships is the key to successful recruiting. Our proven track record comes from more than 20 years in the wealth management arena building a fruitful network and compounding trust with leaders and professionals in the industry.

Together with our carefully selected nationwide network of candidates, clients, consultants and influencers, we lead you to the best candidate for your opportunity.

Our Talent Search Areas:

Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIAs)

  • Chief Operating Officer/Director of Operations

  • Chief Investment Officer

  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Experienced Wealth Advisors

  • Director of Research (Investments)

  • Financial Planners

Single and Multi-Family Offices (SFO and MFO)

  • C-Level Hire (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO)

  • Investments

  • Relationship Management/Client Service

  • Tax

  • Advanced Estate Planning

  • Trust

  • Investment Operations

  • Accounting/Finance

Banks, Trust Companies or other Global Financial Institutions

  • Leadership and Management Roles (President or Managing Director Level)

  • Portfolio Management

  • Wealth Strategy/Advanced Estate Planning

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Trust

  • Private Banking 

Tim worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to help us get to a really good fit and help the candidates be prepared for the environment at Altair. He invested time and energy to really get to know the culture of the firm and expectations for the role. We had many rounds of candidates and he never let up on making it his goal for us to get the perfect fit.
— Rebekah L. Kohmescher, CFP®, CPA, Chief Executive Officer, Altair Advisers LLC