1. Discovery

Our first step is spending time with your search committee to fully understand your organization’s unique needs. We gather information to develop a customized Position Specifications Profile which includes the company information, scope and responsibilities, selling points, required skills and qualifications, necessary designations and/or licenses, and interpersonal attributes of the desired candidate.  We will also develop a Candidate Questionnaire used to help evaluate candidates during our pre-screening process.

An office visit is also included in the Discovery step. We understand that culture and personality fit are just as important as technical proficiencies. By making an in-person office visit, we not only meet the hiring team and key support staff, but also tour the office and develop a feel for the culture of your organization.

2. Candidate Research

Because of our expertise in wealth management and our history of successfully placing candidates within the industry, we draw from a vast, nationwide network of professionals, clients, consultants and influencers to establish our candidate pool. We research and define the universe of potential sources and locate individuals with the most relevant experience, education, interest and personality for your unique needs.

3. Candidate Evaluation and Pre-Qualification

After we’ve identified the most qualified candidates, we pre-screen them for the qualities that will make them a good fit for your organization. We gauge their career objectives, interest level, willingness to relocate (if applicable), office environment preferences and compensation requirements. We personally interview and pre-qualify all serious candidates.

4. Facilitate and Manage Interview Process

We present to you a select number of viable, desirable candidates for interview, each offering their unique, advantageous qualities to your organization. We coordinate each round of interviews with the candidates and provide a thorough debriefing after each one to give you an appraisal of each candidate’s interest, willingness and capability to accept employment.  We also conduct the all-important conversation with you after each interview to discuss your impressions and interest in each of the candidates.   

5. Reference Checking

Checking references is an important, but time consuming part of the hiring process. We handle it for you and present a write-up to your search committee upon completion.

6. Offer Negotiation and Candidate Resignation

At this point, you will be able to determine your preferred finalist for the position. We now serve as an intermediary to help negotiate a compensation package that is agreeable to both parties. We will also support and counsel the candidate through the resignation process at their current position, if necessary.

7. Post Placement Follow Up

After placement, we continue to maintain contact with you on an ongoing basis, but especially in the first few months to make sure expectations are being met.  It doesn’t stop there, however.  We look to build long term relationships with you by continuing to offer information on industry trends and solutions for any new recruitment needs that may arise.

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Tim helped us best position aspects that could have been a challenge (e.g., our small town location) as opportunities for the right person and provided helpful advice.
— Rachel J. Sherman, VP Client Service, Market Street Trust Company